"Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash. I'm delighted to have, no part of it whatsoever."

- Baron Munchausen

I first fell in love with photography during our family vacations. We'd pack everyone into the car and drive for 12 hours to see the mountains of North & South Carolina. I wanted to man the camera, and I loved getting the pictures back after we developed the film months (or sometimes years) later. I was far from talented at first, and I like to pretend that my only problem was the significant delay between taking a photo and seeing the results.

With the beginning of digital photography, I could see my photos instantly. That began my sharp learning curve. If I didn't like a picture, I'd just delete it and reshoot it. Through a lot of trial & error, a lot of reading, and ultimately a lot of practice I finally became comfortable capturing my photos and preserving those precious moments in time.

Through the years I've been fortunate to work with some very talented models, many of whom have become good friends. I've seen some beautiful places and endeavored to bring back the awe and majesty of my experiences. It's difficult to say which kind of photography I enjoy most. I like working with unusual people who stand outside the norm, but I also enjoy family portrait sessions and candid shots of kids just being kids. I suppose if I had to pick one thing to love the most about photography, it would be the excuse it gives me to spend time wandering in the natural, unspoiled places.